Xuhui district in song with traditional opera festival

Opera music


On Friday evening, a traditional Chinese opera culture festival opened in Xuhui District.

Rihui Chinese Opera Cultural Festival, in its third year and originating in Xietu sub-district of Xuhui, is part of the ongoing Shanghai Tourism Festival.

The name Rihui comes from a number of places named after Rihui, such as Rihui Port and the former Rihui Cinema, which carry the memories of generations in Xietu Sub-district.

The opening ceremony brought together famous artists such as Shang Changrong, Gu Haohao and Huang Doudou whose performances fascinated the audience.

Cross performances of Kunju opera as well as Peking opera, Huju opera, Yueju opera, Huaiju opera and Pingtan (story and music in Suzhou dialect) were also organized.

During the month, a unique combination of traditional Chinese opera and night tours, coffee shops, exhibitions and reading events will be presented to promote the gem of traditional culture, according to the Culture and Tourism Bureau. of Xuhui District.

Various traditional Chinese opera exhibitions will be held at Poly Sunny Walk Plaza throughout the month, and painting works by traditional Chinese opera fans will also be on display.

Traditional Chinese opera performers will promote knowledge of traditional Chinese operas in the residential communities of the sub-district.

Traditional Chinese opera flashmob performances will also be held in Xietu sub-district during the festival.

Chinese opera fans will be invited to the Shanghai Huju Opera Theater, Shanghai Jingju Culture Center and Wanping Theater to experience the stories behind the performances.

Xuhui district in song with traditional opera festival

Ti Gong

The festival is launched.

Xuhui district in song with traditional opera festival

Ti Gong

Artist Shang Changrong performs.