Why Danielle Macdonald is taking up opera despite Dolly Parton’s advice to stick to comedy

Opera song

marie claire: congratulations on your new movie Fall for the Figaro. What stood out to you in the script?

Danielle Macdonald: “I missed romantic comedies! I miss fun, lighthearted movies where you want to root for these characters and step into a different world. This is exactly the kind of movie I like to watch.

MC: I read that despite the dubbing of your singing in the film, you still had to take singing lessons. What was that experience of singing without worrying about how you sounded like?

DM: “You know, that should make you feel better, but for me, the singing part was so terrifying. Hugh Skinner (co-star of Macdonald) is an amazing singer so it was really embarrassing when we were doing duets and he sounds like a professional singer. I just made them turn up the music really loud when I was singing!

MC: You’re not a singer, but you do a lot of music-centric films. Why is that?

DM: “It’s so funny, because you’re right, I’m in a lot of music-based films. I did an episode of Joy, which was one of my first jobs. And then I had to learn to rap for Galette cakes. I’m just not a musician and these musical things keep following me, but they clearly have a different plan for me!”

How was working with Dolly Parton in Pellet are you preparing for the role?

“I recorded a single with Dolly and Jennifer Aniston, and I think it sets you up for a lot of things in life in the sense that it’s really one of the most terrifying things I’ve ever done. [Dolly]who is one of the nicest people I’ve ever met, jokingly told me to stay an actor.

MC: What is your favorite memory of working alongside Johanna Lumley?

DM: “She’s just amazing. Johanna, Joe and I would go to dinner together almost every night because we were filming Loch Lomond. we three are a bit like the Three Musketeers. So she is the coolest person, so welcoming, talented and inviting. The three of us, even after we finished filming last night, all went to get takeout and had dinner together on the balconies of our hotel rooms. It has become a small family. »

MC: You said in an interview that you “had agents in Australia, I never had auditions”. Why was that a catalyst rather than a deterrent for you to continue to pursue an acting career?

DM: “I was young, so I think sometimes when you’re a teenager you don’t really care when people say no. In an interesting way, it motivates you even more. I think we both gain insecurity in our abilities over time, but we also gain confidence over time. I just knew that I haven’t even had the chance yet so I figured if I’m gonna fail and I’m gonna suck this then I really gotta be in it and see that it’s gonna happen, rather than just being said no when no one saw me play. I also really loved it, and I’m pretty stubborn when I really want to. I’m a Taurus, you know.

MC: You played a rapper, a cop and an opera singer. What is your process for understanding your character and his universe for a role?

DM: “Time and research. Whenever there is music involved, as with rice cakes, there was a lot of listening to music and stories about New Jersey. It’s a lot of training and it looks really stupid, like even just walking. I’m not kidding, I felt so stupid just walking. But you have to be comfortable in your own body in a completely different way than you are used to. Even playing an opera singer, it was so much about breathing technique. I had opera lessons. I try to get as close to the character as possible already and to know who the character is mentally before I tackle each individual situation.

Danielle Macdonald and Joanna Lumley

MC: You said you cried all day on the set of bird box. Is an apocalyptic thriller a genre that you would rule out in the future?

DM: “For me it was quite emotional, because I had a baby in the movie and when I saw the monster I had to give up my baby, while also wanting to jump out of a window and then jump physically through a window. . I have a picture of me and Sandra Bullock on set and that’s where the two of them are lying in our big baby costumes, which are so heavy, and I was completely passed out.

MC: You’re a big Disney fan and I read that you would name your baby after a Disney princess. What is your favorite Disney movie and if you could star in a remake of a Disney movie, what would it be?

DM: “I have my three best Disney movies, and they’re all classics: The Lion King, The little Mermaidand Aladdin. Honestly, here’s the thing, if any of the classics got redone, I wouldn’t say no.”

Falling in love with Figaro is now in the cinema. Visit fallforfigaro.com.au.