Ukrainian artists discover Chinese art | Ep. 2: Experimenting with Chinese percussions

Opera music


In this episode of “Discover Chinese Art @CNODDT”, Ukrainian performers Andrew and Natalie have the chance to visit the rehearsal rooms of the State Theater, the Chinese National Opera and the Dramatic Dance Theater, to experience traditional Chinese percussion.

Which music masters will they meet? What musical instruments will they play? What musical knowledge will they adopt? Watch to find out.

The National Opera and Dramatic Dance Theater of China is the oldest state-owned and largest-scale theater in China with the largest number of artistic categories, representing the highest level of performing art Chinese.

The “Discover Chinese art @CNODDT” short video series, with a total of seven episodes, is co-produced by the China National Opera and Dance Drama Theater and the China Daily website. The series will go live on Mondays and Wednesdays.

Let’s embrace Chinese culture this summer and immerse ourselves in the richness of traditional Chinese music and dance!

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