The Western Academy of Music announces the winners of the 2021 summer school and festival competitions

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(Credit: Eric Woolsey)

The Music Academy of the West has announced the winners of their 2021 Summer School & Festival, made up of several competitions, masterclasses and more, to support the development of young artists.

Music Academy instrumentalists took part in the Keston MAX Exchange 2022 competition with the London Symphony Orchestra. The musicians of the company have given virtually more than 30 private lessons to students of the Academy of Music, such as Edward Vanderspar, Colin Paris, Daniel Jemison, Paul Milner and Neil Percy.

The winners of the Keston MAX Exchange 2022 are Rodion Belousov, oboe; Aaron Blick, bass; Keoni Bolding, viola; Elissa Brown, flute; Cristina Cutts Dougherty, tuba; Carlos Jiménez Fernández, trombone; Sean Juhl, viola; Kipras Mazeika, bassoon; Emma Lee, cello; Ka Long Lee, cello; Javier Morales-Martinez, clarinet; and Jonathan Wisner, percussion.

Instrumentalists and singers could also participate in three of the four competitions: Solo Piano, Duo, Marilyn Horne Song and Digital Challenge. The six winners will each receive $ 5,000 and a commissioned work in their name, which will be performed in recital in the Han Hall of the Academy of Music in the spring of 2022.

Pianist Hsin-Hao Yang won the Solo Piano Competition; the Duo Competition was won by violist Keoni Bolding and pianist Melivia Raharjo; the Marilyn Horne Song Competition was won by tenor Shawn Roth and pianist Alexander Soloway; horn player Gabrielle Pho won the Digital Challenge; and the Fast Pitch Awards went to soprano Anush Avetisyan, double bass player Rachel Martin and baritone Byron J. Mayes.