The bookseller – Rights – Renard seizes the collection of “crazy” operas of Kent

Opera music

Renard Press landed Opera Obscura: a totally improbable selection of impossible opera written and illustrated by Peter Kent.

Publisher Will Dady has acquired worldwide English rights to the large-format coffee table paperback, which contains 90 color illustrations and 25 stories and will be marketed as a gift book.

“Many musical and theatrical traditions walk the very narrow path between the sublime and the ridiculous, but perhaps no more so than opera, which, while retaining an elegant reputation, is the spectacle of princes making romantic fruit speeches. red, noses being accidentally cut off and spikes at wedding ceremonies,” the synopsis reads.

Opera Obscura is a beautifully illustrated collection that brings 25 unbelievably insane new operas to the canon of magnificent nonsense, as well as the intricate blueprints of several incredible operas and information on a whole range of almost unbelievably unbelievable instruments.”

Kent is the author and illustrator of nearly 30 books and an opera fan. The book will be released on September 28.

“I am delighted that the fine collection of Peter Kent Opera Obscura hits the shelves of Renard,” said publisher Dady. “Although opera is considered by many to be a serious and elite art form, behind the music and the elegant veil lies a whole host of hilarious stories. and madwomen celebrating the extraordinary and stretching belief to the breaking point.

“Peter Kent’s collection takes that idea and follows it, contributing to the canon with 25 wacky new operas. The real joy of the collection beyond its beauty and wit is that it assumes nothing and will be just as entertaining for sunbeds in the tall grass at Glyndebourne as for those who haven’t yet made it to Covent Garden.”