Tanya Tucker reacts to Chapel Hart’s qualifying performance

Opera singer

Country star Tanya Tucker reacts to Chapel Hart’s live performance with their original song “The Girls Are Back In Town” during qualifying.

America’s Got Talent Contestant Chapel Hart received special recognition from country singer Tanya Tucker, after mentioning her name in their original song “The Girls Are Back In Town” for the qualifying round. Season 17 band Chapel Hart stunned the audience and judges during their audition, with their original Dolly Parton-inspired song “You Can Have Him Jolene.” The judges liked the country trio so much that they awarded them a Golden Buzzer band, which had only been done once before for young opera singer Victory Brinker last season. Dolly herself even shared her love for the song and her support for Chapel Hart online after the audition aired.


For their live performance, Chapel Hart released another original song “The Girls Are Back In Town”, which also proved to be a big hit with fans. The performance even earned them one of only two final spots available that night, alongside magician Yu Hojin. The three ladies gave the final performance of the evening, which had the AGT audience and judges standing. During the song, the girls sing about going to a bar, in which they talk about dancing the night away to a song by Tanya Tucker.

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After Chapel Hart’s live broadcast aired, Tanya was quick to shout out to the group on his Twitter account. Tanya recorded a video in which she wore a Santa Claus themed outfit, saying she was shooting a Christmas movie right now. Tanya tagged Chapel Hart and told them she saw their performance on America has talent, saying they had been fantastic and she loved the performance.

Hart Chapel wasted no time responding to Tanya’s Tweet, telling their fans they were screaming with excitement. The popular AGT the performers called Tanya the “Original Bad Girl Of Country” and were thrilled that she loved their performance. The group completed the Tweet by telling their followers that sometimes you just have to show the world your rowdy side. After just two performances on the show, Chapel Hart has already caught the eye of two top country stars.

Chapel Hart is currently one of four artists to have reached the America’s Got Talent finals, alongside Avery Dixon, Drake Milligan and Yu Hojin. They will be joined by seven other acts, including a joker. They are, however, the second country act to do so, as Drake Milligan also received a line for his original country song “Kiss Goodbye All Night” last week. They are also the second AGT golden buzzer act to get through, with saxophonist Avery Dixon receiving the golden buzzer from host Terry Crews.

America’s Got Talent airs Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 8 p.m. EST on NBC.

Source: Tanya Tucker/Twitter, Hart Chapel/Twitter