Sunset opera singer Eric Barry

Opera singer

SUNDOWN, Texas (KCBD) – From sunset to the world stage; this is the journey of award-winning opera singer Eric Barry

His love for music began in the band at Sundown High School where he played the trumpet.

He went to college at West Texas A&M University in Canyon, Texas. A teacher over there heard him sing – just by chance. He then began singing lessons and continued his education at Yale, where he earned a master’s degree.

Since then, he sings all over the world. He says it took a lot of work to get to this place in his career.

“I have sung in so many countries that I can’t remember. And as an opera singer, we sing in these other languages. I had to study French, I had to study Italian, I had to study German. At Yale, I had to study Czech and Russian. I sing in nine languages, ”he said.

Barry says he’s proof that you can make big dreams come true in a small town, and Sundown has a supportive community.

“Sundown, in particular, is full of talented people and people who care about the community and want to help young people move forward in life.”

Barry now lives in Amarillo, which he uses as a hub for his travels and performances.

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