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Opera song

It’s not meant to be a concert, but a musical gathering for peace. In Berlin on Sunday, some of Germany’s most famous pop stars will rally for peace under the slogan “Sound of Peace” in front of the city’s landmark, the Brandenburg Gate.

Bands include Silbermond, pop-rock band Revolverheld, The BossHoss and Fortuna Ehrenfeld, while Peter Maffay, Sarah Connor, Adel Tawil, Zoe Wees and Joris are among the solo artists. The latter called on his fans via Instagram to turn up in large numbers at the rally: “We are all in solidarity, that’s what we can do. Against war and for peace.”

With their performance, the musicians want to send a strong signal against the war in Ukraine. The message is clear: “Stop the war!”

Natalia Klitschko at a demonstration in Hamburg in March

Ukrainian singer Natalia Klitschko, wife of the mayor of Kyiv and former professional boxer Vitali Klitschko, is expected to speak at the rally, according to organizers. She and the couple’s children live in Hamburg, while her husband is fighting on the front lines in Ukraine with his brother, Wladimir Klitschko. She has spoken at peace demonstrations on several occasions since the start of the war and recently sang at a solidarity concert at the Hamburg State Opera.

Celebrities of the German pop scene

The Sound of Peace initiative, which describes itself as a solidarity alliance for the culture sector, organized the rally, and quickly garnered support from well-known pop stars.

Several dozen German cultural celebrities also support the alliance offstage, including German musician Henning May, detective novelist Sebastian Fitzek, Ukrainian singer Svyatoslav Vakarchuk and the Syrian Expat Philharmonic Orchestra, a symphony orchestra of Syrian musicians. in exile.

Music, writes the alliance on its website, is able to unite people around the world and build bridges like no other medium can.

Call for donations

“Sound of Peace” wants to “establish a strong and unmistakable symbol for peace, human rights and democracy” with the demo, while also stating that racism “should have no place in any form, borders or elsewhere”.

The campaign also aims to raise funds for humanitarian relief efforts for victims of war in Ukraine, to be distributed to various charities.

For all non-Berlinians, the event will be broadcast by German TV channels ProSieben and Sat.1, and via live stream. People can also donate online at the “Sound of Peace” website.

“Rise for Peace”

The German government also supported the peace rally in Berlin.

Claudia Roth, Germany’s Minister of State for Culture, said in a letter to the organizers made available to the German news agency dpa that she wholeheartedly supports “culture for peace — and against the aggression of the Putin’s regime, solidarity with Ukraine, but also with the many people in Russia, particularly in the world of arts, culture and the media, who have the courage to stand up against war and defend peace .”

“Music can always be a voice to make protests, but also to create cohesion and fill hearts,” Johannes Strate of Revolverheld told dpa, adding that this is why it is important that music is part of such a move. Life hasn’t been the same for weeks, he added – first thing in the morning people turn to the news in fear to learn of the terrible things that have happened overnight.

“That’s why we didn’t hesitate for a second when the idea for ‘Sound of Peace’ came up. I hope that on Sunday we will send out a beautiful signal for peace and love.”

This article was originally written in German.