Ridley Scott calls Gucci family statements “alarmingly insulting”

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Gucci House made a considerable impression at the box office since its release on Nov. 24, and while Aldo Gucci’s heirs aren’t impressed, director Ridley Scott stands behind his film.

“I’ve tried to be as respectful as possible by being as factual as possible, and as factual as we can imagine,” Scott said. Total movie during an in-depth interview. “Time and space have to jump at times due to the nature of the length of the film. But the people who wrote us about family at the start were alarmingly insulting, saying that Al Pacino did not physically represent Aldo Gucci in any way. form… or form. And yet, frankly, how could they be better represented than by Al Pacino? Excuse me! You probably have the best actors in the world, you should be so lucky. ”

In April, Patrizia Gucci denounced Gucci House To The Associated Press on behalf of the Gucci family. She specifically called Aldo’s Gucci version of Pacino: “My grandfather was a very handsome man, like all Gucci, and very tall, blue eyes and very elegant. He’s played by Al Pacino, who isn’t already very tall, and this pic shows him big, short, with sideburns, really ugly. Ashamed, because he doesn’t look like him at all. ”

Patrizia Gucci is the daughter of Paolo Gucci, played by Jared Leto, and she also called the performance “horrible”.

With Total Film, Scott continued:

“The story, in a funny way, is satire. And so, satire is really a classy way of saying it’s comedy. And I think it’s mostly comedic. the first two acts. Jared Leto, there isn’t much information about [his character] Paolo, but there are pictures of Paolo and that’s exactly what Paolo looks like. We found the photos and Jared did what he did and dressed like Paolo. There is not a lot of Paolo speaking in front of the camera. And so it had to be, to some extent, imagined, but it is clear that Paolo was a very colorful and flamboyant man, married to a woman who is a very good opera singer. The lady who plays Paolo’s wife in this film has a very beautiful voice, it’s her song. Paolo’s flamboyance has been captured fairly well. And how could that be offensive? We’ve been careful not to be too overt if we can avoid it. “

More recently, on Monday (November 29), the following statement was released by Aldo Gucci’s heirs to the Italian news agency ANSA, translated into English by Variety:

“The Gucci family take note of the House of Gucci movie release and are a little taken aback because, although the work claims to want to tell the” real story “of the family, the fears raised by the trailers and interviews aired so far. ‘now, are confirmed: the film carries a narrative far from being exact. “The production of the film did not bother to consult with the heirs before describing Aldo Gucci – president of the company for 30 years – and the members of the Gucci family as thugs, ignorant and insensitive to the world around them, attributing to the protagonists, events, a tone and an attitude that has never been their own.It is extremely painful from a human point of view and an insult to the legacy on which the brand is built today. “Even more reprehensible is the reconstruction which becomes mystifying to the point of paradox when it comes to suggest an indulgent tone towards a woman who, definitely convinced of having been the instigator of the murder of Maurizio Gucci, is painted not only in the film, but also in the statements of the actors, as a victim who tried to survive in a male and macho corporate culture. “This couldn’t be further from the truth. Plus, in its 70-year history of being a family business, Gucci was an inclusive business. Indeed, precisely in the 1980s – the context history in which the film is set – women held several leadership positions: whether family members or strangers, these included president of Gucci America, head of public relations and global communications and a member of the board of directors of Gucci America. “Gucci is a family that lives by honoring the work of its ancestors, whose memory does not deserve to be disturbed to stage a film which is not true and which does not do justice to its protagonists. The Gucci family members reserve the right to protect the name, image and dignity of those close to them. “

Gucci House is billed as “inspired by the true and shocking story of the family empire behind Italian fashion house Gucci. Spanning three decades of love, betrayal, decay, revenge and ultimately murder, we see what a name means, what it is worth, and how far will a family go for control. “

The film begins around Patrizia Reggiani (Lady Gaga) meeting Maurizio Gucci (Adam Driver) at a party. His father, Rodolfo Gucci (Jeremy Irons) disapproves and disowned him because of their relationship. They married in 1972, and before Rodolfo’s death, he and Maurizio reconciled, so Maurizio inherited Rodolfo’s 50 percent stake in the business. Over the next few years, Patrizia encourages Maurizio to take out Aldo and Paolo and take back a then-hot Gucci.

Eventually, Maurizio tires of his wife’s shenanigans and divorces. Despised, Reggiani hires a hitman to kill him, which happened in March 1995. Reggiani was convicted of the murder in 1998 and served 18 years in prison before her release in 2016.

Before his death, Maurizio had sold its stake in Gucci to Investcorp at the end of 1993.

Watch the Gucci House trailer below.