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Opera song


“Let your life be your dream

Integrity, honesty, it’s too late for me

Don’t look back until you’re free to run after the morning “

From “Repo! The genetic opera “

Are you in the mood for a gorey cyber-punk rock opera in the not-so-distant future? Look no further than “Repo!” The Genetic Opera ”!

This film, which premiered in 2008, is an opera set in the 2050s. In a world where people’s organs can be harvested from their graves in order to produce a street drug called Zydrate and can have their organs taken over by the repo man if they do not pay on time.

We follow this world through the eyes of 17-year-old Shilo – played by ‘Spy Kids’ celebrity Alexa Vega – who, due to an unexplained illness, has been confined to her bedroom for most of her life. . Her father, Nathan, who is played by Anthony Steward Head, and is best known for “Buffy: the Vampire Slayer”, takes care of her, while working for the company that runs this deranged world, GeneCo. Shilo struggles to explore the world on his doorstep and the intergenerational conflict between his father and Rotti Largo that will determine his future. Meanwhile, a certain contract is about to be canceled, and the repoman will have to step in and take care of the situation.

There are several familiar faces throughout the opera. Joan Jett appears in one of Shilo’s songs. Paris Hilton stars as one of GeneCo’s three children, Rotti Largo, who is played by another prolific star on the scene, Paul Sorvino. And the Graverobber who produces the street drug Zydrate, and one of the nicest characters, is played by Terrance Zdunich, who also wrote the screenplay as well as the series of shorts the film is based on.

Each of the main characters has their own style of music when given a chance to shine. For example, Blind Mag, played by Sarah Brightman, a prolific stage and music star since the early 1980s. Due to an unforeseen rule in his contract for a surgery conducted by Geneco to give him eyes advanced, she is an opera singer in shows as GeneCo. produce to show to masses around the world. Her songs reflect that part of her well.

There is a lot of overlap when it comes to the songs in the movie; a song sung by a character will have a repeated line in another song with a different context and sound. All of this helps make it more connected as a whole, as the story is tied to two different generations and the lasting effects of several misguided choices.

Since this is an R-rated movie, expect a lot of swearing. There are also some brief nudities, living and dead. And as this involves one of the directors of the “Saw” series, there is quite a bit of gore that can be seen throughout the film.

This film can be found on Tubi, which is a free streaming service, as well as on Amazon Prime, with the service or on rental. It is also available for rent on other streaming services.