Opera Australia and tenor prosecuted for sex offenses against minors

Opera singer


David Lewis in the Sydney 2017 production of Two Weddings’ Opera Australia, One Bride.Credit:Caution Upton

The opera company is now being sued for breach of its duty of care towards the young singer.

Opera Australia employees have already complained to the Herald that concerns about Lewis’ behavior had fallen on deaf ears. “Opera Australia is like the Catholic Church in miniature,” said one.

However, Opera Australia claimed that when police requested Lewis’s personal files, his files “did not contain any information relating to complaints against Mr Lewis during his time with the company”.

For 25 years, until his arrest in 2017, Lewis was a permanent member of the opera choir.

Last week, Judge Christine Adamson ordered Lewis to disclose all of his assets. The court heard he had $ 10,000 in his bank account, a pension fund worth about $ 75,000, a car worth $ 12,000, a camera worth $ 5,000 and a $ 2,500 wine collection.

But he did not inform the court of the $ 500,000 he received for his share of his marital home which was sold in November 2018 while in prison.

Lewis was “clearly in a position” to know what he did with the $ 500,000, Judge Adamson said, but “he chose not to disclose this matter.”

Lewis has had two weeks to disclose all of his assets to the world and to report on his share of the proceeds from the sale of his Lewisham home.

The case will return to court on July 15.