Nominations for the 2021 Australian Women In Music Awards end next week

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Nominations for the 2021 Australian Women In Music Awards (AWMA) end at midnight on Tuesday, July 6.

After last year’s ceremony was put on hold due to the pandemic, AWMAs will return as a physical event to Tivoli in Brisbane from October 5-6, celebrating the accomplishments of women and professionals who identify with each other. of the Australian music industry.

This year’s awards will be determined by a board of 30 jurors made up of representatives from each state music association.

The AWMA 2021 will feature 17 different award categories, including two new awards dedicated to those working in the live production industry and the new Tina Arena Special Impact award.

Learn more about each category for this year’s AWMAs below and find out more about how to apply online here.

All AWMA finalists are expected to be announced in late August.

  1. Lifetime Achievement Award – Presented to an artist or musician who has made an exceptional artistic contribution to the field of recording and / or live performance during her lifetime.
  2. Inaugural Tina Arena Special Impact Award – This award honors an unsung champion of the Australian music industry.
  3. Humanitarian award – Recognizes an individual (female, male and GNC) who has made a significant and lasting contribution to the field of music education and / or has assisted female artists working in remote and / or regional communities.
  4. Diversity in Music Award – Recognizes individual artists or female-led musical collaborations for their contribution to the advancement of a culturally diverse and inclusive music industry.
  5. Studio production price – Recognizes an audio engineer or producer who has made an exceptionally significant contribution to the studio recording environment.
  6. Live Creative Production Award – Recognizes a woman working in a live production environment with a significant impact in her field: understands, but not limited to, roles such as live sound, lighting and visual design, set design, the show producer, etc.
  7. Live Production Tour Awards – Recognizes a woman working in a live or touring production environment with significant impact in her field: understands tour / operations / promotions management, tour assistant, backstage, road crew and other related support roles.
  8. Musical Leadership Award – Recognizes a female CEO, Managing Director, Label Director, A&R Director, Artist Director or Editor with a significant impact on music industry leadership.
  9. Songwriter Award – Recognizes an exceptional songwriter or composer.
  10. Emerging Artist Award – Recognizes an outstanding emerging female artist.
  11. Music Photographer Award – Recognize a female music photographer currently working in the field and recognize her work.
  12. Director’s Award – Recognizes a music videographer, music video maker, music producer or animator currently working in the field and recognizes their work.
  13. Artistic Excellence Award – Recognizes the outstanding creative achievements of an artist / musician in all genres.
  14. Award of Excellence in Classical Music * – Recognizes a mid-career female classical music artist who has demonstrated musical excellence throughout her career. (* Includes conductors and artists working in the field of opera.)
  15. Music Journalist Award – Recognizes a female music journalist, blogger or editor who has made a creative contribution and courageous impact to truth and innovative reporting in the Australian music industry.
  16. Award of Excellence in Image Creation – Recognizes a female hairdresser and / or makeup artist and / or stylist * who works to visually change the face of music to shatter stereotypes of gender, race and social culture. (* The stylist should include those who work in the costume and / or wardrobe business)
  17. Creative Leadership Award – A curatorial award recognizing excellence in creative programming by women working in broadcast media (radio, TV, online, streaming services), a music festival or a live performance / performance venue to champion artists female.