New England Conservatory to Show New Video Production of “Dialogue des carmélites”

Opera song


The New England Conservatory’s opera studies are scheduled to broadcast Poulenc’s “Dialogue des carmélites” on June 23-24, 2021.

The presentation was recorded in English at the Boston-based institution’s Plimpton Shattuck Black Box Theater with piano accompaniment. The public can watch the operas for free through the official NEC website.

Joshua Major directed the production which includes two actors. The first casting of the June 23 showcase stars Angela Yam in Blanche, Raji Venkat in Constance, Erica Brookhyser in Madame de Croissy, Ana Mora in Mère Marie, Margaret Malone in Madame Lidoine, Lizzy Stant in Sister Mathilde, Andrew Stack in the Marquis and Dr Javelinot, Anthony León as Chevalier, Samuel Rosner as The Chaplain, Matthew Christopher in several roles and Josaphat Contreras as Thierry and the 1st Commissioner.

The June 24 cast features Michaela Kelly in Blanche, Sara Buggy in Constance, Alysson Bennett in Madame Lidoine, Darby Clinard in Mère Marie, Samuel Rosner in Chevalier and Philippe L’Espérance in Chevalier. The other roles feature the same artists as the June 23 show.

The production also includes Chihiro Asano, Marina Beeson, Brittany Bryant, Marissa Fieland, Molly Flynn, Lauren Guthridge, Emma Robertson, Katherine Skafidas, Huanhuan Xie as nuns.

Michael Strauss and Daniel Wyneken both prepared the music and played the piano. BallSquare Films recorded the video.