Neighbors – David Tisue’s career spans from Broadway to Burgdorf to food

Opera career


David Tisue wanted to turn his love of food into a career, but he got sidetracked by Broadway.

After more than 40 years in the business, Tisue began blogging about her favorite recipes and photographing her creations, finding another love.

Courtesy Photo – David Tisue stands in front of the ‘Lion King’ board.

“Food blogging and food photography go back to the roots that I wish I had done all my life,” said Tisue, who is 59.

Tissue wanted to attend the Culinary Institute of America, which he would have done if his parents had been willing to foot the bill. Instead, he went to film school in Montana, then dropped out the same time he was “coming out of the closet in the ’80s, which wasn’t easy,” he said. .

Tisue embarked on a varied and exciting career in the entertainment industry that took him all over the United States before moving to Burgdorf nearly three years ago. After growing up in the Bay Area, he lived in Los Angeles, Reno, New York and New Jersey and traveled to all but five states. He started out in low-budget filmmaking in Los Angeles for three to four years in what was once a big direct-to-video filmmaking industry.

“There were all badly…made gang wars with lots of guns, shootings, car chases and really bad plots,” Tisue said.

Tisue primarily worked as a production assistant, doing things like finding 3 a.m. meals for the crew after working late into the night, helping move sets, and running errands for the cast. He even got movie credit for playing a cop in the low-budget 1988 straight-up murder mystery, “Dead End City.”

In Reno, Tisue entered the field of display management, working in retail outlets from 1992 to 2000, including Sears and a few department stores that are now bankrupt. He oversaw the visual elements of a department store, including artwork and overhead displays, setting tables, changing clothes on mannequins and redesigning window displays and displays and weekly promotions at cosmetic counters.

“I was responsible for making sure the store looked good,” Tisue said, adding that he enjoyed the artistic part of turning designs into displays or coming up with his own ideas. “There was a lot of flexibility. You were able to be flexible with your artistic vision of how you wanted to do things.

In the 1990s, Tisue worked as a stagehand for Broadway show tours, primarily doing wardrobe costume changes, laundry, and any necessary clothing repairs.

At one of the Broadway shows, Tisue rose to prominence and was invited to take part in Showboat’s national tour – he supervised the dressers there for about a year from 2000 to 2001. He then became costume director for the Nevada Opera for six months, followed by working as a dresser for dancers and other “Lion King” actors from 2002 to 2020. As with traditional Broadway, national tour performances were held eight times a week, six evenings a week with two mornings on Wednesday and Saturday.

“When you’re actually working on Broadway, it’s a different level of professionalism. … You can’t make mistakes,” Tisue said. “On Broadway, you have to be on your game all the time. Scenery and customs are grander and better.

During his time with the “Lion King,” Tisue met a few famous actors who came backstage after a show.

“You are in a world that you read about. Even if you’re just a dresser, you’re still part of this world, and the money is even better on Broadway,” Tisue said. “The biggest thing that I appreciated, like everything in theater, is that you are part of a company. You are as important as the people on stage.

About five years ago, while still on Broadway, Tisue started a weekly food blog,, not missing a single Friday post. He also received funding from Disney to return to school – he earned a certificate in digital marketing in 2018 and graphic design in 2019 from Wilmington University. In 2021, he earned a bachelor’s degree in digital photography from Southern New Hampshire University, also a Disney Scholar.

“I started learning the ins and outs of marketing and different parts of promoting your website,” Tisue said, adding that he markets and engages in social media and SEO with his blog. , as well as his own images.

Tisue’s blog consists of original recipes, ranging from cakes to casseroles to cocktails. He shares his recipes, personal stories and anecdotes about ingredients. He likes to focus on his creations but will sometimes share retro cocktails, like those from before the prohibition era.

“It’s my outlet,” Tisue said. “I’ve always been a big food lover. People were always asking me for my recipes. I’ve always wanted to write a cookbook.

The first thing people learn about Tisue is that he’s a cook, not a “Lion King” dresser.

“Food is kind of my big obsession so to speak,” Tisue said. “I love the satisfaction that it makes everyone happy. … It’s nice to work on something and turn it into a satisfying meal that tastes good. … I live, eat, and breathe food.

Tisue still works as a stagehand, but part-time, including helping set up Jurassic World: The Exhibition in Denver and concerts at the Budweiser Event Center in Loveland. He also wants to do traveling shows in the area but has no plans to return to Broadway, as well as photography, graphic design and content writing.

“The biggest thing I’ve learned through all of these experiences is patience,” Tisue said. “There are a lot of different personalities. You have to understand people. »