Masters by Research (MRes) Studentship, UCC School of Film, Music and Theater and Cork Opera House (including original artistic product)

Opera song

The School of Film, Music and Drama at University College Cork, Ireland is seeking a candidate for a Mes – Masters by Research – Studentship as part of its working relationship with Cork Opera House. The Fellowship is one of the four pillars of Opera House Cork-UDC collaboration. An independent, driven artist, whose artistic process demonstrates strong affinities with research-based inquiry and who likes to engage in integrated theory-practice approaches, will be well suited for this opportunity.

The School of Cinema, Music and Theater is looking for a candidate who will develop a project including practice for a Mare degree. The practical and artistic result of Mes will be an engaging audience exploration of Cork Opera House as a building, creative space and key location in the cultural landscape of Cork City.

The student-designed artwork will invite the public to self-guide through the architecture of the Opera House, including halls, workplaces, spaces and passageways that the public would not encounter maybe never otherwise. Support for the work may take the form of (but is not limited to) creative writing, a performative sound walk, or a podcast-style recording; a self-guided mixed sound tour; a sound or audio work of art; one or more musical compositions; or any combination thereof. The selection committee is open to proposals that include other media or art forms. The aim is to develop, test and refine a work that will be presented during the Nuit de la culture, in September 2023, in order to inspire audiences old and new to explore the Opera in a whole new way.

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