Little Women, the Broadway Musical by Opera Nuova – Edmonton

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October 29-31, 2021 Evenings, mornings and live performances are available. For more information visit Opera Nuova is back! We are excited to present Little Women, the Broadway musical that has taken the world by storm with thousands of productions since it opened on Broadway in 2005. This musical is directed by Kim Mattice Wanat, a musical directed by Ruth Alexander and choreographed by Peter Mills and packed with incredible emerging artists from across Canada! Based on Louisa May Alcott’s Civil War novel, the musical focuses on the four March sisters – the traditional Meg, the budding savage writer Jo, the shy Beth and the romantic Amy – and their beloved Marmee. , at home in Concord, Mass., while their father is away. serve as the Union Army chaplain during the Civil War. Interspersed with vignettes in which their lives unfold, several recreations of the melodramatic short stories that Jo writes in her attic studio. ARTISTIC TEAM: Book by Allan Knee | Mindi Dickstein lyrics | Music by Jason Howland Directed by Kim Mattice Wanat | Musical direction by Ruth Alexander | Choreography by Peter Mills | Directed by Samantha Kennedy DISTRIBUTION: Hannah Wigglesworth, Elizabeth Chamberlain, Julia Van Dam, Erin Pettifor, Kael Wynn, Jackson Card, Kaden Forsberg, Ruth Alexander, Kim Mattice Wanat and Rob Herriot.