Here’s a look at Black History Month TV and streaming programming in February

Opera singer
Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images

Several TV stations and streaming platforms are celebrating Black History Month, which kicks off on Tuesday, February 1 with special programming. Here are some highlights:

Black history, black freedom and black love – Feb. 1 on Masterclass: a three-part, 54-lesson course examining the past, present, and future of race in America, featuring Angela Davis, Cornel West and more.

Barbara Lee: Speaking Truth to Power — February 1 on Starz: A documentary about a California congresswoman Barbara Leewho is known for her activism for racial justice and her work with the Black Panther Party.

Screen Queens Rising – February 3 on ABC: A special exploring the rise of black actresses in entertainment, featuring Halle Berry, Tessa Thompson, Debbie Allen and more.

X/onerated – The murder of Malcolm X and 55 years of justice — February 3 on ABC: A profile of Mohamed Abdoul Azizwrongly convicted of the murder Malcolm X in 1965.

A Thousand Years of Slavery – The Untold Story – February 7 on Smithsonian Channel: Docu-series produced by Angela Bassette and Courtney B. Vance examining the legacy of slavery around the world.

American Masters: Marian Anderson: The whole world in her hands — February 8 on PBS: Two-hour special honoring the life of a pioneering opera singer Marianne Anderson.

Everything will be all white – February 11 on Showtime: three-part docuseries on the history of race in the United States from the perspective of people of color.

Fannie Lou Hamer’s America: A Special Reframed About America — February 22 on PBS: Special telling the story of Fannie Lou Hamera Mississippi-born sharecropper who became a leader of the civil rights movement and co-founder of the Democratic Freedom Party.

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