First Saturday Night Performing Arts | Living arts!

Opera music

Presentment by Eureka Main Street. Vernissages of artists, exhibitions and performances take place on the first Saturday of each month. Individual businesses are taking precautions to ensure the safety of customers and staff – including requiring them to wear masks when entering their stores and limiting the number of people inside at the same time. For more information call 442-9054 or go to

ABRAXAS SHOES AND LEATHER 615 Fifth St. “People in Motion”, Willa Briggs, paintings.

BOUTIQUE FRAMES ART CENTER 616 second street New exterior mural by Kyle Sanders, Tulawat Island with a view of the old town on a stormy day.

ART CENTER SPACE 620 Second St. Featuring various artists.

C STUDIOS OF STREET 208 C Street Stock Schlueter, Augustus Clark, Phillis Barba, Paul and Nancy Ricard, Ryan Jensen, Blake Reagan, Lucas Thornton, Kathy O’Leary, Richard Stockwell, Anna Amezcua and Harry Blumenthal.

CANVAS + CLAY 233 F. Charles Winans, psychedelic paintings; guest artist and staff member Jay Forbes, ceramics; dozens of works of art by C + C artists. Masks will be mandatory inside.

CLARKE HISTORICAL MUSEUM 240 East Street Victorian / Edwardian era lawn dresses; Grand opening of the Visitor Center; Live music.


PLACE CLARKE Memorial to fallen firefighters.

EUREKA RUBBER STAMP CO. 520 F. Sheala Duncan, exhibition of pop-up prints, featuring originals from the printmaker’s press as well as giclées of watercolor illustrations and printed murals.

FAMILIA COFFEE in la Vance 525 Second Street Laura Chapman White, paintings.

GOOD RELATIONS 223, second street“Fantastic Fae”, Rhianna Williams, photograph, “Welcome to the new dark ages.”

HUMBOLDT ARTS COUNCIL 636 F. Music by The Latin Peppers. ANDERSON GALLERY: “Visual Riddles”, Louis Marak, three-dimensional work of art.

FLOYD BETTIGA GALLERY: Kerry Rowland Averch, artwork. CHEVALIER GALLERY: “The life of a weaver”, Victor Jacoby, weavings from the HAC permanent collection, alongside original studies, sketches, quotes and ephemera relating to his life as an artist. HOMER BALABANIS GALLERY / HUMBOLDT ARTIST GALLERY: An artists’ cooperative, featuring local artists working in a variety of media, figurative and abstract paintings, prints, jewelry, photographs and ceramics. Museum shop / Gallery of the permanent collection: Gifts and merchandise inspired by works of art exhibited by Morris Graves, Glenn Berry, Melvin Schuler and Romano Gabriel. Music by Korinza Shlanta, Slide. WILLIAM THONSON GALLERY: “ReEmergent”, 16 artist creations of new works reflecting the COVID-19 pandemic and our individual process of re-emergence in a different world. The participating artists are: Dana Ballard, Susan Bloch, Julia Heatherwick, Tamara Hubbard, Yvonne Kern, Suzanne Lamar, Julie McNiel, Anna Oneglia, Paige Rinehart, Ashley Rose, Michelle Rosete, Michael B. Rude, Meredith Smith, Shannon Sullivan, Monica Topping and Bernadette Vielbig.

HUMBOLDT BAY COFFEE 520 Second Street Music to be confirmed. Free coffee samples.

HUMBOLDT BAY COFFEE 526 Allée de l’Opéra Music to be confirmed. Free coffee samples.

JUST MY TYPE LETTERPRESS PAPER 235 F. Susan Brauner, cut paper collage. Music by James Zeller and Katie Belknapp.

SMALL SHOP OF SIENA 416 Second Street Seana Burden, paintings.

MANY HANDS GALLERY 438 second street More than 40 local artists.

MENDENHALL STUDIOS 215, C. Rachel Schlueter, Linda Wise and Susan Ornelas, paintings.


OLD TOWN ART GALLERY 417 second street Rose Knightly, oil paintings. Veronica Daw, jewelry.

OLD TOWN COFFEE AND CHOCOLATES 211 F. Barry Evans, photography. Music by LodeStar and his friends.

OLD TOWN INK LABORATORY 212 G St., Ste. 103 New work from the Monster Project, Riso graph demonstrations and DIY button making.

OTTO AND OLIVE SHOP 330 Second Street Artist to be determined.



MARINE’S TOMB TATTOO 138 second street Tattoo art, antiques and memorabilia, as well as new works.

Sinking 430 Third Street Mario Matteoli, prints of famous paintings icons of pop culture.

SIDEWALK GALLERY at Ellis Art & Engineering 401 Fifth St. “Two Women and Their Art”, Lynn Niekrasz and Erica Brooks, oil paintings.

SISTERS CLOTHING COLLECTIVE 328, second street Jordan Rainone, paintings. Refreshments served.

TO SPEAK 411 Allée de l’Opéra. Live music 8 pm-10pm

STUDIO 424 424 Third St. Jesse Wiedel, paintings.

“Metallic Galaxy”, Nac One, multimedia.

THE WINE CELLAR 407 second street Justine Paquin, large abstract oil paintings.

WOOD HERITAGE ASSOCIATION Tram rides on First and C streets to H, from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.

ZEN HEALING 437 F. “Cannibas Tales”, Jennifer Ross, oil paintings.

ZUMBIDO GIFTS 410 Second Street Jaiden Clark, terrariums, felt and sculpture in mixed media. Jessica Shelton, drawings of pets. Draw your pet for $ 5 from the photos on your phone.