Finola Hughes and Amanda Setton of ‘General Hospital’ discuss defining moments of their career and success

Opera career


Amanda Setton from “General Hospital”. Photo credit: ABC, Craig Sjodin

On April 24, “General Hospital” actresses Finola Hughes and Amanda Setton took part in a virtual fan event, which was well-received and well-attended.

Emmy-winning Finola Hughes plays the iconic role of Anna Devane on ABC’s hit soap opera, while Amanda Setton portrays Brook Lynn Quartermaine.

This Zoom event was produced by Coastal entertainmentand this marks Setton’s first fan event with them, and ironically enough, his first virtual fan event.

Defining moments for the career of actresses

Of his career-defining moments, Setton explained, “When I was cast on ‘The Mindy Project,’ it was the first time I could really exercise comedy in a controlled way. I learned a lot about comedy from this show, like how to set up a joke and how to do facial expressions, and timing. It really prepared me for the Robin Williams series ‘The Crazy Ones’ that I did.

“Now comedy is important in everything I do. I had always thought of myself as a serious and dramatic actor and that’s not so true. I also tend to seek brevity,” Setton added.

“A moment for me that changed everything for me was when I did the musical ‘Cats’. That was a long time ago,” Hughes said. era was Trevor Nunn, who was the head of the Royal Shakespeare Company in England. While he was preparing us all to play our roles, he invited each cat and gave them three words he wanted us to hold as cats.

“At the time, I was really focused on dancing and I remember hearing his action words describing what my character was like and I thought that was amazing, especially to be able to do a character with words like that. I think it really changed a lot in my mind because I wanted to do more. I love being able to have a playground in my head and impact people with that playground,” Hughes explained.

Finola Hughes. Photo credit: ABC, Craig Sjodin


On his definition of success, Setton shared that it revolves around “family.” “Success is about family and my kids,” Setton said.

“You have to be there for your children and you have to make them primary in your life,” Hughes added.

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