Fat Freddy’s Drop Sydney Opera House Forecourt Review

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There were bizarre scenes at the Sydney Opera House over the weekend when a sold-out concert of thousands in the forecourt was unexpectedly punctuated by fireworks – believed to be from a boat party nearby.

New Zealand soul fire collective Fat Freddy’s Drop lit up the iconic venue with a big party under the night sky when the impromptu display kicked off mid-song.

The seven-piece juggernaut – which mixes reggae, funk, electronica and soul into their sound – didn’t seem put off by the resounding crackle of fireworks and treated the audience to an unforgettable rave.

It was trombone Joe Lindsay – who looked like Kenny Rogers in a 1960s sports outfit – who particularly captivated the audience.

Before launching into a trippy funk jam, Linsay was spinning on the floor with a harmonica in his mouth like a fish that had been dragged ashore, and at one point even pulled out a tuba.

There were roars of approval from the audience as they indulged in songs from Freddy’s new album, WAIRUNGA, featuring “Bones” and “Shady.”

The seven musicians then blasted through classics such as “Shiverman,” before bidding farewell with a full crowd singing along to “Hope.”

Lead singer Dallas Tamaira seemed genuinely touched by the crowd’s response and in awe of the surroundings as the band performed under the sails of the Opera House for the first time in their career.

He explained that they intended to play in Sydney three years ago, but the world got in the way.

For the fans gathered there on Friday night, it was certainly worth the wait.

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