Death of Vicente Fernández: fans honor “voice of a culture”

Opera singer

Ricky Martin, Gloria Estefan and Mario Lopez have joined legions of grieving fans to honor the extraordinary life and everlasting legacy of Mexican music legend Vicente Fernández, 81, whose death was announced on Sunday.

Martin summed up the feelings of many in a few words: “Estoy con el corazón roto”, he wrote on Instagram – “My heart is broken.”

The singer and actor posted a photo of himself sharing the stage with Fernández in 2019 at the Latin Grammy Awards, where Fernández received the Premio de la Presidencia, a lifetime achievement award. Martin praised Fernández as an “angel” who frequently attended his concerts. “He loved me very much and I loved him,” said Martin, fondly invoking the charismatic crooner’s nickname, Chente.

On the sacred Día de la Virgen de Guadalupe, fans around the world flooded Twitter with memories of the King of the Rancheras, a cultural icon whose silky baritone has resonated through generations.

“Vicente Fernandez was not just a singer”, tweeted @oucrimsongirl. “He was the voice of a culture. He was the voice of marginalized people. He had a natural, raw talent that rivaled a classically trained opera singer. Often imitated but never reproduced. RIP to El Rey.

“Rest in peace, Vicente Fernandez” wrote Our editor Esquina Jose de Jesus Ortiz. “You were the soundtrack of my life. My Mexican parents introduced me to your music. Your songs gave me comfort and a sense of belonging the first time I left home for a core workout throughout my movements. You were an idol. You remain El Rey!

Among the many who wrote heartfelt tributes to Fernández was TV host and “Saved by the Bell” actor Mario Lopez, who hailed the prolific artist as “the voice of a culture. that has filled the homes of many of us who have grown up listening to his songs. “

“His music is the soundtrack to a ton of memories that grow”, Lopez tweeted. “Damn, I’m sad.”

Many fondly remembered listening, singing and drinking some of Fernández’s greatest hits, such as the romantic ballad “Volver, Volver” and “El Rey,” which firmly cemented his royal status in the entertainment industry.

“I cannot begin to calculate how the music of Vicente Fernández has impacted my life and that of my family”, tweeted Alex Zaragoza, deputy senior staff editor.

“Mariachi songs at 2am on ‘Volver Volver’, my drunk mom crying ‘El Rey’ at the rancho, my dad and tíos tirando la madre to ‘Por Tu Maldito Amor.’ RIP to our king QEPD. … Really, where is the Mexican delegation in New York and where are we drinking today ???? I need to sing and cry.

Gloria estefan offered him his condolences to fans and relatives of Fernández during what the singer called a difficult and painful day for the music world, which mourned a man who carried his culture in style, everywhere. He leaves a legacy in song and film, she said, and new generations will be named after every note they sing.

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