Cultural events of the week: January 10-16

Opera song


Editor’s Note: A sports-themed art exhibition, an original Peking University opera and a family concert enjoyed by children around the world, here are three must-see events this week.

1, art exhibition ‘Embracing Olympics, Beauty in the Dreams’

Work created by Huang Zhou. [Photo provided by NAMOC]

A new exhibition to celebrate the Olympics has kicked off at the National Art Museum of China (NAMOC), highlighting the spirit of the sport. Composed of two parts, “Dreams and Endeavors” and “Admiration and Competition”, the exhibition presents more than 160 works of art.

Appointment: 7-16 Jan.

Place: National Art Museum of China, Beijing

2, original opera “Chant de la jeunesse”

Produced and performed by the Peking University Opera Academy, the original opera “Song of Youth” is adapted from the novel of the same name by Yang Mo. With the theme of “Youth, Patriotism and Choice The show depicts the growing experience of Lin Daojing, a young student unwilling to live a stable and mediocre domestic life. The opera invites young people to strive for their ideals and offers excellent inspiration to combine its destiny with that of the nation.

Appointment: 12-13 Jan.

Place: Beijing Tianqiao Performing Arts Center, Beijing

3, Concert ‘Kubbe Lager Spetakkel Ochestra’

“Kubbe Lager Spetakkel Orchestra” is a family concert, which combines orchestral music, theater and multimedia scenography. The show is based on the famous Norwegian picture book “Kubbe Lager Spetakkel” by Ã…shild Kanstad Johnsen. It is an international collaboration between China, Norway and Switzerland.

Appointment: January 15

Place: National Library Arts Center, Beijing

Questions and discussions for our readers: What’s your next favorite cultural event? We appreciate your feedback. Thank you!

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