Clint Holmes brings a few years of Nat and a lot of years of Clint to the RRazz room – Times Square Chronicles

Opera singer

When Clint Holmes steps onto any stage, the space immediately transforms into one of those Las Vegas super star entertainment spots, (ground zero for some of the most exciting performers in the world). It was like that in the RRazz room in Boca last night as the man who keeps better time than my Apple Watch and who can’t sing a note or make a gesture that isn’t dazzling and exciting gave the Boca audience a special gift. The show was advertised as “Straighten UP And Fly Right-100 Years of Nat” (the one I saw him do which is the ultimate tribute to Nat King Cole). Clint surprised us, he gave a few wonderful years of Nat then diverted to the 50 or so years of one of the most electrifying artists on the planet…. Double Grammy nominee Clint Holmes!

During the 90 minutes of a Clint Holmes performance, your eyes and ears don’t leave the stage, you don’t move with the program and the only interruption is when you turn to your friend next to you and the two mouths say “can you believe how good this is?” as I did with my friend and Broadway impresario (48 Tony Awards) Ken Greenblatt.

Not enough can be said about Clint’s musical director/pianist/composer, Christian Tamburr. I leave it there… if Mozat or Bach came back as a jazz artist, it would be Christian.

Always the graceful mentor and performer, Clint called on his friend and local singing sensation Chris Ruggiero who was captivating with his rendition of “Fly Me To The Moon.”

The son of an African-American jazz musician and a classically trained British opera singer, Clint grew up with the best of both musical worlds. His 40+ year career has taken him from the top of the charts, to concert halls, to TV screens, and cemented his legacy as a true Las Vegas institution.

His big breakthrough came in 1972 when he released “Playground In My Mind,” a song that stayed on the Billboard Hot 100 chart for 23 weeks. In addition to hosting his own Emmy-winning talk/variety show, Clint was a musical feature and event correspondent for Entertainment Tonight, and was Joan Rivers’ sidekick and announcer on The Late Show. from FOX.

Throughout his 40+ year career, Clint has received many accolades – most recognizably, he received the highest honor of a GRAMMY® nomination for his album, Rendezvous. Produced by eight-time Grammy Award winner Gregg Field, the sophisticated album features a diverse playlist that reinterprets modern and classic pop hits, jazz, soulful R&B, theatrical tunes and numbers from The Great American. Songbook.

Christian Tamburr and Clint Holmes

Clint Holmes

Clint Holmes

Clint Holmes and Chris Ruggiero

Clint Holmes and Chris Ruggiero

Stephen Sorokoff, Clint Holmes, Kenneth Greenblatt

Jill Switzer and Chris Ruggiero

Clint Holmes and Chris Ruggiero

Clint Holmes and Eda Sorokoff

Tess, Jo Marie Payton, Clint Holmes, Jill Switzer

Clint Holmes and his fans

Jill Switzer, Rich Switzer, Ken Greenblatt, Sandi Greenblatt, Eda Sorokoff

Razz Room