Chicago lyric opera set to reopen Friday – CBS Chicago

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CHICAGO (CBS) – Back on stage for the first time since the start of the pandemic.

The Lyric Opera in Chicago will open its doors Friday to a live audience. CBS 2’s Jackie Kostek explains what to expect.

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The Lyric has strict COVID protocols in place. People will need to show proof of vaccination upon entry, they will need to wear their masks throughout the show, but inside they will be able to enjoy the opera live.

In March 2020, the Opéra Lyrique was nearing the end of rehearsals for a truly epic opera. Only to be eclipsed by a global pandemic.

“Around 2:30 am on March 13, I had to tell the company that we had no choice but to cancel the Ring,” said Anthony Freud, Managing Director, President and CEO of Lyric Opera of Chicago.

He thought the cancellation of this show was as bad as it gets. But the tragedy would continue to unfold. The next show has been canceled. It was the same for the whole season. The virtual performances brought some light back to an otherwise dark house, but Friday, Freud said, will be something really special.

“The pure emotional joy of our orchestra, our choir, our soloists, our technicians to be back at the Opera, back on stage, back to create great musical theater performances,” said Freud . “It’s so moving. It’s so overwhelming in the happiest way possible.

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After 18 months without an audience, it will be a joy to play the great tragedy, Macbeth. And strict COVID protocols, Freud said, will hopefully ensure that they never have to close the curtain again like last year.

“We believe they are essential. We think they are responsible and we think that they will allow us not only to reopen, but above all to remain open, ”said Freud.

Between the performers, the orchestra and the front house people, there will be hundreds of employees who will work tomorrow to help reopen the Opéra Lyrique.