Bridgerton’s 15 Best Characters, Ranked

Opera singer

There’s a Bridgerton brother who belongs to the ton Mary Wolstonecraft, constantly questioning the constitution of society, especially vis-à-vis women. Eloise Bridgerton (Claudia Jessie) doesn’t want to participate in debutante balls, the marriage market, or anything else that reduces women to commodities that put all women’s futures and fortunes in the hands of men. Eloise has a fascination with Lady Whistledown in both seasons, a woman she sees as having risen above society, and uses her quick wit and wise words to break through convention.

Eloise is fiercely competitive with her brothers, which is seen in the big game of pall mall (croquet) in the second season. It is deeply unfair that she should see them attend Eton, Oxford and Cambridge; how Colin can decide to go on a trip on a whim; or Benoît can decide to go to art school if he feels like it. Eloise’s future is either to marry, to face celibacy, or perhaps to become a governess, which would considerably reduce her position in society. Her education focused on dancing, embroidery, and the pianoforte—all to make her a suitable young woman and marriage material. His love of reading is also mocked and discouraged.

One of the common threads running through both seasons is Eloise and Penelope’s friendship, and seasons 1 and 2 end in drama for the besties. Her budding relationship with Theo Sharpe was exciting, but also ended badly. Where are things going now for Eloise?