Book tickets to see Opera Australia’s “Carmen on Cockatoo Island”

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Opera Australia presents a whole new way to watch Georges Bizet’s famous opera

After having had to wipe out large parts of its planned program this year and last year, Opera Australia (OA) will come back in force in 2022. Not only has the company announced that the music of the night will arrive at the port with The Phantom of the Opera, it will also present one of the world’s most famous tragedies in a whole new light.

The latest OA version of Georges Bizet’s famous opera Carmen will help us transport us to a tobacco factory in Seville in the 19th century by taking over the industrial surroundings reminiscent of Cockatoo Island. Opened in November 2022, it promises to offer an unforgettable fresh take on a much-loved favorite. And if you’re in the mood, OA also offers a super rah-rah way to watch the show, with private bunks available for booking for the boats.

Liesel Badorrek will direct in collaboration with choreographer Shannon Burns, who took care of the fluid movements for La Traviata in the brief but glowing moment of art venues unlocking earlier this year. Tahu Matheson will conduct the Opera Australia Orchestra.

OA Artistic Director Lyndon Terracini has said the 2022 season will be a brilliant celebration of Sydney’s return to performing arts. “These two events represent a great opportunity for the public to have unique experiences in Sydney. We will bring together some of the world’s best singers, musicians and creators to present these productions under the starry southern skies.

OA will roll out wine and dining options on the island, and you can even stay if you want to make it overnight, in the campsite by the water or in the various brick and mortar options. If you’re already fancy a year, you can join the waiting list for tickets here with the box office opening in November 2021.

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