Azerbaijani pianist Isfar Sarabski will perform at Ronnie Scott’s in London

Opera singer

Award-winning Azerbaijani pianist Isfar Sarabski will perform at the famous Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club this Wednesday, May 18.

Sarabski, a former winner of the Solo Piano Competition at the Montreux Jazz Festival, released his debut album last year via Warner Records. His album incorporates jazz, classical, folk and funk music and has fascinated not only critics and pundits, but also young audiences.

The pianist studied at the Baku Academy of Music in his home country before continuing his education at Berklee College of Music. He is the great-grandson of Huseyngulu Sarabski, a famous Azerbaijani opera singer, actor and one of the founders of oriental opera.

Asked about the inspiration behind his love for music, Sarabski comments: “My father’s vinyl records were literally my toys. I was fascinated by the mechanics of the record player, by the big black discs and, of course, by the world of sounds. , the harmonies and the rhythms that it opened up to me. I remember exactly how I felt the first time I listened to Dizzy Gillespie records or recordings of works by Bach and Chopin. How could the music have created images in my head? I had to find it outside.”

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Tickets for his performance are available here.

You can listen to his debut album below.