Asako Tamura and Amber Merritt to headline “One Voice: The Songs We Share” on PBS

Opera theater

The American Pops Orchestra is set to release two episodes of “One Voice: The Songs We Share” on PBS starting Friday, October 29, 2021.

The showcase features a number of unique musicians, including soprano Asako Tamura and Amber Merritt. The two opera singers will be featured in the second episode titled “American Roots”. They will be led by Like Frazier. The episode will also star pianist Jacqueline Schwab and Broadway star Mauricio Martinez.

The episode was filmed at the Marinoff Theater at Shepherd University in West Virginia.

The other episode will be “Country”. Filmed at Poorhouse Farm Park in West Virginia, it will star Emmy Award winner Lelie Jordan, songwriter / producer / guitarist Travis Howard, Jake Blount, Nic Gareiss, singer-songwriter Senora May and Broadway artist Claybourne Elder.

“I am convinced that an orchestra is at heart, a service organization, and that the emphasis should be not only on providing high quality musical experiences, but also on the regular performance of all styles of music. in their programming. In this vein, we seek to shed light on the many types of music enjoyed in our country, ”Frazier said in a press release. “In these next two episodes, you’ll hear the sounds of our early native musicians, watch the opera, pull a stool at the honky-tonk, sit by a campfire, attend church and much more. ! All of this music is played with the same orchestra – an orchestra that wants to share your story and shine a light on how all of our music brings us together. “