Andrea Bocelli sues airline charter company over noisy old jet

Opera singer

Italian opera singer Andrea Bocelli is suing an air charter company specializing in the service of luxury jets, alleging that the company provided him with an older and noisier plane than the one agreed to during part of a tour of the United States last year .

The lawsuit filed in September by Bocelli, 64, in federal court in New Hampshire also alleges that Seabrook’s Private Jet Services breached the terms of its contract when the crew of a flight announced that Bocelli and his group would have to s expect a bumpy ride before landing on a flight from California to Cleveland.

In the trial, Bocelli, a tenor who performs all over the world, seeks treble damages of reimbursement of the $569,800 he paid for 15 flights, the amount he paid for alternative flight arrangements, attorneys’ fees and damages.

A representative of the company did not return a phone message and an email sent Wednesday.

The lawsuit says Bocelli’s representative contracted with the company to have him travel to the United States on a concert tour in November and December of last year.

The specifications included the acceptable model and year of manufacture of the jet which “should ideally be no older” than 4 years”, as well as requirements for onboard services.

“He is also not a very passionate flier, as he has a fear of flying and may experience anxiety related to safety issues during air travel,” said the complaint filed by the Portsmouth lawyer, Michele Kenney. “In particular, he is sensitive to the loud noise that older aircraft tend to make in flight, such loud noise causing him more anxiety.”

Whenever Bocelli charters a jet, the captain is instructed not to make any onboard announcements about weather conditions and not to mention air turbulence, “all to avoid causing Mr. Bocelli undue anxiety. “, says the suit.

The lawsuit says Professional Jet Services agreed to the demands, including the use of the Falcon 2000LX for shorter flights within the United States and a different aircraft for transatlantic flights.

But the final “statement or work” excluded proposal language that identified the specific aircraft and, in fine print, “which indicated, among other things, a type of aircraft on which the parties had not agreed – the Falcon 2000, rather than the Falcon 2000LX.

On a Dec. 2 flight from Santa Ana, Calif., to Cleveland, the company provided a Falcon 2000 that was manufactured in 1996. And the flight attendant said he should expect a ride bumpy before landing. Boarding the old plane and hearing the announcement “made him anxious and fearful for his safety for the last 20 minutes of the flight,” the lawsuit says.

The lawsuit says the company apologized for the wrong plane and crew error, but a company representative said it was unable to find an acceptable plane for the past five years. tour dates. The lawsuit does not say whether the company provided the correct aircraft for any part of the tour.

The company then canceled the flights for the final dates and did not provide a refund, forcing Bocelli to charter new flights with another company that cost him more than $300,000, according to the lawsuit.

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