After more than 40 reported thefts, ridesharing operators have been warned

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According to an online crime reporting page, there have been more than 40 different cases of Uber and Lyft drivers targeted for auto theft or theft since August. Well, Minneapolis Police Just Released Friday with a crime warning so drivers are aware of their surroundings.

The number of incidents has increased since some of the first crime reports were made in August. In the past week, there have been 12 reports of driver thefts or assaults, or stolen ridesharing vehicles according to WCCO-TV.

Minneapolis Tips for Carpool Drivers is pretty straightforward, the city of Minneapolis, which now manages Minneapolis Police communications, says drivers should:

  • Stay aware of your surroundings, even in a locked vehicle.
  • Avoid using your phone for more than a few seconds.
  • Be very careful if you are asked to wait for the client (s).
  • If you are not in a populated area with visible foot and vehicle traffic, leave immediately if you see one or more vehicles or individuals approaching nearby.

This news comes as Minneapolis prepares for the November election, which includes the mayoral race, and an amendment to the Minneapolis charter to no longer have a set number of police officers for Minneapolis and transform the police force. of Minneapolis into a Department of Public Safety.

As someone who uses rideshare services like Lyft or Uber when going downtown, now I’m a little nervous when hailing a ride, I might not be able to get one, due to the situation current.

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