Actor’s lawyer claims Amber Heard faked abuse to advance her career

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Opening statements from Johnny Depp and his ex-wife Amber Heard’s teams were heard Tuesday in Fairfax County, Va., amid the ongoing libel lawsuit. According to Variety, Ben Chew and Camille Vasquez, Johnny Depp’s attorneys first began with their opening statement, in which they claimed that Heard had faked abuse allegations to advance his career. It comes after she wrote an article about domestic violence in The Washington Post, but did not mention Johnny Depp’s name. However, he sued her for defamation and claimed that her article made it difficult for her to get a job in the industry.

Opening statement from Johnny Depp’s lawyers in the defamation lawsuit

Vasquez made her opening statement saying that Amber Heard presents herself as the “representative of abuse victims everywhere” and calls her the “role of a lifetime,” according to Deadline. She mentioned that Amber “lives and breathes this lie” and that the ongoing lawsuit is all about Johnny Depp’s evidence and reputation. Chew, on the other hand, mentioned that it was after Depp filed for divorce, Heard’s attorney threatened him with abuse claims if he didn’t comply with the financial demands she put on him. . When he disagreed, Heard alleged abuse and filed a restraining order against him. Chew also mentioned that the Depp allegation had a “significant impact” on his family and professional life, including his role in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise.

Opening Statements by Attorneys for Amber Heard

Ben Rottenborn addressed the court and reminded everyone present that the ongoing trial was whether Depp would prove what Heard wrote in the 2018 article was untrue and mentioned that he and his team were trying to transform the trial into a “soap opera”. He mentioned that she had the right to write what she had done and went to remind the jury of the context of the article, which they then read, according to the Independent. He mentioned that in the article, Heard never mentioned the actor’s name or a specific incident of abuse. Rottenborn also asked Depp why he didn’t sue The Washington Post and sue Amber for “ruining her life.”

Image: AP

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