A recent British graduate, Reginald Smith Jr., represents the United States at the BBC Cardiff Singer of the World.

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Less than a month after taking the step to earn a master’s degree from the University of Kentucky Réginald Smith Junior This weekend at St. David’s Hall in the UK we will step onto a very different UK stage. Here, the baritone was chosen to represent the United States on the 20th. Singer of the World BBC Cardiff competition.

As part of the prestigious classical music vocal competition, Smith will compete on BBC TV, radio and iPlayer from June 12 with the world’s 15 best rising stars in international opera and song.

Smith will face biennial singers from Austria, China, Denmark, England, Georgia, Iceland, Mongolia, South Korea, Russia, South Africa, Venezuela, Wales and 14 of the first representatives of Madagascar. And the Republic of Kosovo.

This year, the BBC Cardiff Singer of the World, played at St. David’s Hall without an audience for the COVID-19 protocol, will take place from June 12 to 19, with the first round scheduled for June 13. I’m.

“The BBC Cardiff Singer of the World is an important starting point for world-class singers at the start of their careers, and after one of the most difficult years for any performer, this is truer than ever. We hope that this year’s edition will be a light of hope for all young singers, those who are in competition or who may be looking for a home. Show your support for emerging artists. Enjoy their extraordinary talent and best live music production for a few days, ”said David Jackson, artistic director of the BBC Cardiff Singer of the World.

This year’s singer was selected on three stages among the record contenders. The principal judges are chaired by the Director General of the Welsh National Opera Aidan Lang And includes two famous opera stars: Bass Baritone in Wales Daniel davis And the American soprano Roberta Alexander..I will accompany the singer for the performance Welsh National Opera With Michael Christie BBC National Orchestra in Wales Litton Andrew Litton.

BBC Cardiff Singer of the World and his song award BBC Wales Supported by, in association with the Welsh National Opera Cardiff Council.. The BBC Cardiff world singer, song award winners and audience award winners will receive trophies and prizes.

UKNow recently caught up with Smith. He was quarantined for the tournament this weekend. Smith spoke about his recent success on the Metropolitan Opera stage “Porgy and Bess” He shared his thoughts on the upcoming competition in the online course during the COVID-19 pandemic.

UKNow: By playing at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in 2019, winning a Grammy Award, earning a Masters degree, and competing in Cardiff, you can pull off a pretty good streak. How was the ride quality of the roller coaster?

Black-smith: Fortunately, I had some free time to return to UK to get a masters in vocal performance. The music school teachers are top notch and learning from each of them has really been a highlight of my year. Grammy, in Cardiff? I can’t even speak. All I can say is that when God prays for your steps, he will follow the path that has been made for you.

UKNow: You have just obtained a master’s degree, what motivated you to ‘return to Japan’ at doctoral school? What was your experience during the pandemic?

Black-smith: I have two bachelor’s degrees in UK and always wanted to get a masters degree. But I was still busy and couldn’t return to campus full time. I love to learn and expand my knowledge of things in my content area. You can take them all to the stage or to your private studio.

Due to the pandemic I was able to take the hybrid / online course. I was still working, but it gave me the opportunity to continue my job and my degree at the same time. Working with this faculty and a very talented colleague has really gone beyond my comfort zone. I will bring this experience and knowledge to the world.

UKNow: How did you feel about being selected to represent the United States competing for the BBC Cardiff Singer of the World?

Black-smith: Your dreams will come true! This competition started the careers of so many singers around the world. It is worth being selected as finalist of the year and being the sole representative of my country, to say the least.

UKNow: When did you first hear about the Cardiff competition?

Black-smith: I first heard about the BBC Cardiff singer at the world championships in high school. I remember watching the tour and waiting for them to move on. It’s like an opera Olympics with lots of great musicians from all over the world! Watching the game was thrilling and I caught up with the tournament every time.

UKNow: How do you choose the music for this kind of competition?

Black-smith: Each round, the singer can choose up to 18 minutes of music. For me, I try to present a balanced program rather than hitting the circuits one after the other. I would like to show you various aspects of my art.

UKNow: There is a second competition for art songs, would you like to participate as well?

Black-smith: Yes, I am also participating in the Song Prize competition. I have always loved art songs, more intimate recitals and musical presentations, as well as larger opera performances. I look forward to both tournaments.

UKNow: When pursuing a career, are there any UK mentors / contacts that you continue to work with or are still in contact with today?

Black-smith: I am currently studying singing with another teacher, but I am eternally grateful to my eternal mentor and teacher. Dr Everett McCorby, For everything he’s done for me. His immense generosity and wisdom support me wherever I go. Without the students of Dr McCorby, the British Opera House, the University, the broader artistic culture of Lexington, and a continued commitment to Kentucky’s influence on art, I wouldn’t be me today. world.

Especially with McCorby’s amazingly supportive teachers and voice coaches Nan Maxwayne And Professor Cliff Jackson (Current honor), I am fortunate to have the most exceptional “team” that one could ask for more. I am deeply grateful that they have influenced my career and my life.

Prior to earning his master’s degree in May of this year, Smith obtained two bachelor’s degrees in choir. Music education UK vocal performance in 2013. Smith came to British Opera Theater Like 2007 Alltech Singing Finder He studied under Everett McCorby during his undergraduate years. While in the UK, he edited several performance and competition credits, including the Coronation Mass by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and a solo on the Fauré Requiem. Choir United Kingdom Solo performance with Lexington Philharmonic.

Local audiences are “Falstaff”, Porgy and Bess, “Romeo and Juliet”, “Pirates of Penzance”, “Bat”, “The Magic Flute”, “Labo Ame”, “River of Time”. He has performed on “The Pirates of Penis for Singing” every season and has been a guest on Seagle Music Colony’s elite summer program, the oldest summer vocal training program in the United States.

After earning an undergraduate degree, Smith participated in the Houston Grand Opera Young Artist Program, won the Metropolitan Opera National Council audition in 2015 and recently in the opera world singing on Metropolitan Opera recordings, Grammy Award winner. The production of “Porgy and Bess” in 2019-20, which paved the way for excitement. Visit his website to see some videos of his previous performances. www.reginaldsmithjr.com/videos..

The acclaimed British Opera Theater program is Music school therefore British Art University.. The school has a national reputation for quality education in the history of opera, choir, instrumental music, music education, music therapy, composition, theory and music.

A recent British graduate, Reginald Smith Jr., represents the United States at the BBC Cardiff Singer of the World.

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