A Phantom Of The Opera Murder Mystery In The Works At Peacock

Opera song
Andrew Lloyd Webber

Andrew Lloyd Webber
Photo: Jamie McCarthy (Getty Images)

There’s another murder mystery comedy series, this time with the songs of Andrew Lloyd Webber The Phantom of the Opera. The show must continue just Zoey’s Extraordinary Gamelisting creator Austin Winsberg, with support from producer Robert Greenblatt and Lloyd Webber himself.

By Deadlinethe first season follows the making of a fictionalized version of Lloyd Webber’s mega-hit: The Phantom of the Opera live! The play will not be performed in its entirety, but it will serve as the backdrop for the thriller.

The official description reads, “As if putting together a giant, live-action, beloved musical wasn’t challenge enough, imagine how difficult it will be with endless production issues, star-studded at war, mounting pressure on the network, and, oh yeah, the horrific and untimely death of one of the leads. With a murderer on the loose and a Ghost to contend with, the entire cast and team will have to come together to put on the greatest show of their lives…that is, if they can live long enough to reach the final curtain.”

“Austin and I have a connection to musicals. When he asked me to do a murder mystery set to live music, I thought that was perfect for me,” Greenblatt said of the new show. So I contacted Andrew Lloyd Webber to see if he would let us use The Phantom of the Opera, which has never been done before. I pitched the idea to him and he loved it and got on board.

Since the first season deserves a renewal, the anthology series will take us behind the scenes of a different production with an all-new cast each season.

call it him Knives out indeed, because since the film’s release in 2019, ensemble whodunits have descended en masse through the production pipeline. Hulu has Only murders in the building (whose third season will be played on a Broadway production) and wedding season. HBO Max Hosts The stewardess. Apple TV+ a the after party. Hell, even Roku had 2020s Mapleworth murders.

This is the second murder mystery series Peacock has in development, starring Rian Johnson. Poker face on the way, with Natasha Lyonne, Adrien Brody, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Jameela Jamil, Stephanie Hsu, Simon Helberg and Dascha Polanco. With a second Knives out movie on the way, get ready to sleuth and sleuth some more.