95-Year-Old Man Who Marries The Love Of His Life Shows Age Isn’t A Barrier To Finding A Soul Mate

Opera singer

You can find true love at any age, and an older man proved it. A 95-year-old man got married for the first time in his life after finding the woman of his dreams. Despite meeting the love of his life 23 years ago, Julian Moyle only proposed to her very recently – when he finally got down on his knees in February. Moyle first met his wife Valerie Williams, 84, at a church, Wales Online reported. On May 19, the couple married at the same Calvary Baptist Church in Cardiff, UK, where they first met. The ceremony brought together about forty of their friends and family.

Apparently an opera singer performed that day – which was Moyle’s operatic career – and the couple’s wedding cake was baked by Let Them See Cake, a famous bakery near the venue.

Speaking about how happy they were to finally get married after so long, Valerie said she still couldn’t believe it, adding that they couldn’t wait to be ‘just together’ throughout their life. wedded life. Moyle called the experience “wonderful” as he finally married the love of his life. For him, it’s like a new year in a way, and he expects a lot from their company. The couple will celebrate their honeymoon later in the year, for which they planned to travel to Moyle’s homeland.

“It will be a delayed honeymoon in Australia, where I will show Mrs Moyle,” the 95-year-old said.

Additionally, when asked how it felt to finally say goodbye to his bachelorette, Moyle jokingly said he couldn’t remember any other marriages. He went on to say that he felt like Janus, who had one face on the front of his head and another on the back of his head, after which he could look into the future as well as the past.

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