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We have a fantastic prize package for the person who gets the right answers in our festive quiz – a Besson Prodigy cone plus a set of mutes and a music pack worth …

It’s time to think if you have the chance to win a fantastic Christmas present from our friends at Besson and Band Supplies.

Cornet Prodige and goodies

There is a Besson “Prodigy” cornet, plus a set of four cornet mutes, a box of valve oil to keep your band’s instruments during the weeks of rehearsal to come and ideal music for a youth band. to play if you get all the questions correctly.

This is a package worth over £ 600 – so what better way to start the New Year 2022.

In an added twist to help you out, the first letter of every correct answer will be a cute, festive saying.

In an added twist to help you out, the first letter of every correct answer will be a cute, festive saying.

Answers to send to: [email protected]

Closing Date:
The closing date is December 31, 2021 at 11:59 p.m.!

REMEMBER: You must get all the correct answers to reveal the hidden festive message

1. Famous Shakespeare-inspired musical “Romeo and Juliet”, with music by Leonard Bernstein and lyrics by Stephen Sondheim, recently adapted for a new film version directed by Steven Spielberg?

2. Norwegian band from the Nordhordland region of the country – the most successful in the nation’s banding history.

3. First name of an American jazz / classical trumpeter who also has brother musicians called Branford, Jason and Delfeayo?

4. A summer type, as a famous test piece by composer Eric Ball writes?

5. The connection between fictional TV sit-com prisoner Norman Stanley Fletcher (played by actor Ronnie Barker) and a 1970s pop group with a singer named Noddy (below) with perhaps the best number hit 1 of the Christmas story?

6. Last name of the legendary American rock guitarist who lived next to composer George Frideric Handel in a house in Mayfair, London – albeit over 200 years apart?

7. Who Elgar waves a ‘Magic wand’ to, and Gilbert Vinter gives a ‘Greet’ at?

8. The monophonic electronic instrument invented in 1928 and presented in a test piece of your choice played at the Swiss Championships in 2014 entitled, ‘***** – Concerto No 10 for Brass Band’ by Swiss composer Ludovic Neurohr?

9. City which hosts the Dutch national championships each year (below)?

10. Italian musical term meaning “to walk” – moderately slowly between Adagio and Allegro?

11. Chopin’s nickname ‘Waltz in Reb’ for piano op.64 – so called because of the time in which it can be played?

12. Julius Fucik’s military march who found lasting fame and popularity after being published as a circus “town crier” called ‘Thunder and Flames’ to introduce clowns to the ring to entertain the audience?

13. Surname of composer of ‘Pins’ and “Fountains of Rome”?

14. The connection between Professor David King’s award-winning solo CD and Mahler’s ‘Symphony No.2 in C minor’?

15. Popular work written in 1946 by Benjamin Britten with subtitles, ‘Variations and fugue on a theme by Henry Purcell’?

16. The number 1 group in the world?

17. Name of the composer of the soundtrack of the film ‘Psycho’?

18. Thomas Keighley wrote a ‘North’ a; Eric Ball a ‘Sunset’ a; Granville Bantock a ‘Oriental’ one, and Dean Goffin one ‘Brass’?

19. The Italian musical term meaning “to press”, “to continue”, that is to say. increase the tempo?

20. The religious connection between Dennis, Keverne, Stythian, Pinnock, Breward and Austell in the Cornish banding?

21. A two-pronged hardened steel apparatus invented in 1711 by John Shore, Handel’s trumpeter, to produce a fixed note?

22. Surname of the famous Australian soprano opera singer (1861-1931) perhaps best known now for the desserts which bear her name and created by chef Georges Auguste Escoffier – the one with peaches, from the raspberry sauce and ice cream (below), the other double toast?

23. The only group whose name begins with the letter “A” to win the British Open Championship?

24. Opera famous for its “The dance of the seven veils”?

25. European Championship setwork written by the Swiss composer Oliver Waespi whose title translates from Latin as ‘I heard, at midnight …’?

26. Last name of the English composer (below) who wrote an opera titled “The man who took his wife for a hat” and sheet music for films “The designer contract” and ‘The piano’?

27. The name of the group that won Britain’s very first national championship title at Crystal Palace in 1900?

28. What is the connection between a football team playing their home matches at ‘The Hawthorns’ and a test piece by composer Jan van der Roost used at the British national championships in 2001?

29. The name given to a pair of cymbals mounted on a stand, with a pedal by which the upper cymbal can collide with the lower cymbal? Usually found on a drum kit.

30. 2022 Regional test piece that shares its name with a UK retail store that stocks all of its products out of sight?

31. The seaside resort in North Wales that hosted the finals of the Pontins National Brass Band Championships from 1974 to 2010?

32. The name of the mythical Greek figure (below) who was doomed to have his liver pecked every day for eternity by an eagle – and who inspired a 1930s marching band essay written by Granville Bantock?

33. The third color at Gilbert Vinter ‘Spectrum’?

34. Last name of the conductor who led Besses o ‘th’ Barn to their last success at the British Open?

35. Test piece named after a biblical garden?

36. The temperance group that made the Double / Double National Championship and British Open in 1905 and 1906?

37. The imaginary city of Edouard Lalo directed by a king who tries to marry his daughter to his enemy. It ends with her throwing herself to death in the sea as the city sinks beneath the waves. Organized as a famous 1959 national final essay by Frank Wright with a legendary euphonium solo at its heart?

38. Name given to a set of orchestral variations (op.36) by Edward Elgar, dedicated ‘to my friends pictured inside’?

39. The adjective used to describe the work of César Franck ‘Hunter’ in the test tube used at the British Open Championship in 1973?

40. What is the connection between an early Victorian submarine built in 1878 (a replica of which is in Birkenhead) and a famous test tube by Eric Ball whose name comes from the Latin for “I will get up again”?

Answers to send to: [email protected]

Closing Date:
The closing date is December 31, 2021 at 11:59 p.m.!

REMEMBER: You must get all the correct answers to reveal the hidden festive message